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Radiance Series

Radiance Series

Big advantages of low cost makes it a more affordable option.
Anti-PID Technology prevents issues that can occur in some solar panels when exposed to higher temperatures or humidity. 
High reliability, high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes ensure the consistently performance over time, even in harsh environmental conditions.
Designed with advanced cell technology, which allows for higher energy production and better efficiency.

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Huge Solar (Qidong Shenya Industry Co., Ltd.) is a professional China Polycrystalline Solar Panels Suppliers and Custom Polycrystalline Solar Panels Manufacturers.And is founded in 2021, which is dedicated to the development of green and clean energy, mainly involved in solar photovoltaic cells and their application fields, to create a complete solar photovoltaic industry chain.
Our business mainly includes design, development, procurement, complete sets, installation, commissioning of solar power system equipment and construction and operation of solar power system engineering projects.
The unique background of the times has given us the mission to develop green energy industry. We strive to achieve carbon peaking in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060, build a community of human destiny and win the hard battle of low-carbon transformation.
Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the concept of making precise and high-quality products, continuously developing high-quality photovoltaic products and extending them downstream, carefully creating a complete vertical industry chain of "cell manufacturing, module packaging, system engineering and energy product application".

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

1. Why choose our polycrystalline solar panels?
In today's era of increasing emphasis on sustainable development, solar technology has attracted much attention as a clean and green energy solution. In solar power generation systems, solar panels are the core component, and their performance and quality directly affect the efficiency and reliability of the entire system. Why do more and more people choose our polycrystalline silicon solar panels?
We are based on advanced production technology and use high-quality polysilicon materials to ensure that our solar panels maintain excellent performance in various climate conditions. Our production process not only focuses on efficiency, but also on quality control. Each solar panel undergoes rigorous inspection and testing to ensure its stability and durability.
Our polycrystalline silicon solar panels excel in energy conversion efficiency. Efficient energy conversion means more solar energy is converted into electricity, thereby increasing the overall solar system's productivity. By using advanced battery technology and processes, our products can still operate efficiently under low light conditions, ensuring that you can get reliable energy output in different weather conditions.
Our polycrystalline silicon solar panels offer exceptional quality and reliability. We understand the long-term investment nature of solar systems, so our products are carefully engineered to ensure they maintain superior performance over many years of use. The solar panels offered by us not only comply with international standards but also exceed the quality requirements of many industry certifications.
Choosing our polycrystalline silicon solar panels means choosing superior performance, reliability and efficient energy conversion. We are not just a supplier of solar panels, we are your strategic partner for sustainable development and clean energy transition.

2. How can polycrystalline silicon solar panels help you achieve energy efficiency?
As energy efficiency becomes increasingly the focus of businesses and individuals, solar panels, as a clean and renewable energy option, are becoming more and more popular. So, how can our polysilicon solar panels help you achieve energy efficiency?
Our polycrystalline silicon solar panels use light energy to convert solar radiation into electricity, providing you with renewable, clean energy. Efficient energy conversion technology means less solar energy is wasted, making your energy production more cost-effective.
Our solar panels perform exceptionally well in a variety of environmental conditions, whether it's sunny days or rainy weather. This reliability means you get more consistent power output compared to traditional energy sources, reducing reliance on the grid and providing backup power in the event of power shortages or emergencies.
By incorporating solar panels, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. Once a solar panel system is installed, its operating and maintenance costs are relatively low. In addition, some countries and regions offer incentives, such as solar tax credits and subsidies, to help you realize a faster return on your investment.
The adoption of polycrystalline silicon solar panels is a key step towards achieving sustainable energy goals. As an emission-free energy source, solar energy helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lowers carbon footprint, thereby better meeting environmental protection and sustainable development requirements.
Choosing our polycrystalline silicon solar panels means choosing an energy solution that is cost-effective, reliable, stable, clean and environmentally friendly, helping you achieve energy efficiency while contributing to environmental protection.

3. What makes us unique compared to other solar panels?
In the solar panel market, competition is fierce and various types of panels emerge in endlessly. So, what is unique about our polycrystalline solar panels compared to other products?
Our polysilicon solar panels use advanced manufacturing processes and high-quality polysilicon materials. This ensures that our products are leading the way in terms of energy conversion efficiency, durability and stability. We are committed to continuous innovation and using the latest technology to ensure our solar panels remain at the forefront of the industry.
Our products undergo strict quality control and testing. Each polycrystalline silicon solar panel undergoes multiple inspection steps before leaving the production line to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our solar panels operate stably in a variety of environmental conditions and have excellent stress resistance.
At the same time, our solar panels are designed with engineering feasibility in mind. We offer products in a variety of specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different projects. Whether it is roof-mounted, ground-mounted or large-scale solar power plants, our products can be flexibly adapted to ensure the best power generation results.
We are not just a manufacturer of solar panels, we are a full-service partner to our customers. We have a professional team that can provide customers with full support from project planning to installation and commissioning. Our goal is to provide customers with the best solar solutions to help them realize their sustainable energy vision.
Choosing our polycrystalline silicon solar panels means choosing superior technology, strict quality control, flexible engineering and comprehensive customer support. Compared with other solar panels, our products show unique advantages in all aspects, providing customers with excellent solar solutions.