OEM/ODM M182H654 370-380W Red

M182H654 370-380W Red

M182H654 370-380W Red

Particularly suitable for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
Red-colored glass and frame for special architectural requirements (similar to RAL 3005)
For buildings of high aesthetical value and for areas subject to landscape constraints
Less shades and more reflected light to the cell thanks to the round ribbon
2 independent section design secures a higher energy yield under shaded conditions
Long cable as standard suitable for landscape configurations
  • Power Range


  • Maximum Module Efficiency


  • Product Warranty Period

    15 years

  • Linear performance warranty

    25 years

  • First-Year Power Degradation


  • Annual Degradation Over 25 years


Product Description

Dimensions 1722×1134×30 mm
Weight 20.8 kg
Color Red, Orange, Silver
Glass Red color, tempered, thickness, 3.2 mm
Cells 108 monocrystalline half-cut MBB PERC cells 182×91 mm
Frame Varnished aluminum frame with mounting and drainage holes
Junction boxes Certified according to IEC 62790, IP 68 approved,3 bypass diodes
Cables 4.0mm2, 300mm, or customized
Maximum reverse current (Ir) 25 A
Maximum system voltage 1000 V (1500 on request)
Mechanical load (snow) Design load: 3600 Pa 5400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)
Mechanical load (wind) Design load: 1600 Pa 2400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)

ELECTRICAL DATA-STC* M182H654 370W M182H654 375W M182H654 380W
Module power (Pmax) W 370 375 380
Open circuit voltage (Voc) V 37.71 37.85 37.99
Short circuit current (Isc) A 12.31 12.43 12.56
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp) V 30.95 30.95 31.95
Maximum power current (Impp) A 11.85 11.94 13.06
Module efficiency % 18.95% 19.20% 19.46%

ELECTRICAL DATA NOT M182H654 370W M182H654 375W M182H654 380W
Module power (Pmax) W 281 285 289
Open circuit voltage (Voc) V 35.67 35.82 35.97
Short circuit voltage (Isc) A 9.69 9.79 9.88
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp) V 29.31 29.42 29.53
Maximum power current (Impp) A 9.59 9.7 9.8

Temperature coefficient Isc %/℃ 0.05
Temperature coefficient Voc %/℃ -0.28
Temperature coefficient Pmax %/℃ -0.35
Operating temperature from -40 to +85

Quantity / Pallet 36 pcs
Container40’ HQ 936 pcs/26 pallets

M182H654 370-380W Red

Based on the 182mm silicon wafers and the PERC monocrystalline cells, up to 380Wp power output with innovative design, and the efficiency can reach up to 19.46%.
M182H654 370-380W Red

Particularly suitable for Building Integrated Photovoltaics.
M182H654 370-380W Red

Only 3% first year degradation, less than 0.5% annual degradation in 25 years.
M182H654 370-380W Red

Red-coloured glass and frame for special architectural requirements.
M182H654 370-380W Red

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